Luminous IL 16039 NEO Flat Plate Battery

  • Flat Plate Battery
  • 135 Ah
  • 21+18 Months Warranty
  • Factory Charged battery in ready to use condition
  • Small Size and light weight
  • Easy maintenance with level indicators 


Key Features:

  • Special alloy used-very low maintenance
  • Level indicators enable easy maintenance 
  • Very good charge acceptance-suitable for frequency power cuts
  • Extra thick plates ensure long life

Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage-12V
  • Dimensions of Container
    • Length-505 mm
    • Width-220 mm
    • Height-258 mm
  • Electrolyte Volume-12.8 Ltrs
  • Charging Current
    • Starting Current-13.6 Amp
    • Finishing Current-6.8 Amp
  • Weight
    • Dry-27.5 Kg
    • Filled-41.5 Kg


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